Prince is the largest Dog known in modern times ; measuring 30 1-2 inches in height, 7 feet, 9 inches in length, weighing over 200lbs.

This breed was probably well known to the Romans in days of yore, when the combat with wild beasts was a striking feature in the imperial pastimes. The Author had the honor of introducing this celebrated Dog to Her Majesty and the Court at Windsor Castle, when Prince was unanimously decided to be the King of Dogs. I am still in possession of the stock.

Shepherd Dog, Scotch Colly, may be termed the most faithful of all Dogs. He lives a life of solitude, consequently neither his manners nor his morals are corrupted. He is both master and slave to his flock, a perfect pattern of patience, fidelity and generalship.

There are sundry varieties of the Shepherd Dog, differing in size and feature ; every canine belonging to a Shepherd, being dubbed with that title. The Scotch Colly weighs from 45 to 60 lbs.

Tub Turnspit derives his name from his avocation. Weight from 15 to 20 lbs. ; long low and bandy legged, resembling the German Beagle, though his nose is longer, and his ears shorter, lie is snappish, sullen, and unsociable, and has little but a good set of teeth to recommend him.

Tub Pug-Dog was once a very fashionable and appropriate appendage to an old maid. He is not unlike the Bull-dog, in appearance ; yet his very antipodes in merit : barks at everything, but turns his back upon the meanest foe. Color yellow, with black nose ; tail thoroughly curled ; weight from 15 to 25 lbs. His race is well nigh extinct, and who shall dare regret it ?

Chinese Hairless Dog

A noted dish in the Celestial Empire. There is a variety of these Dogs, differing much in size, from 7 to 40 lbs. weight. In shape they are similar to the English Terrier. They are not very agreeable to the touch, and are adapted only for warm climates. They are active, intelligent and faithful, and worthy of a nobler fate than to be petted for the stew-pan, or pampered for the pot.