Before concluding my instruction regarding the subject of the projection of personal magnetism, I wish to have a few words with you on the subject of what maybe called "corporeal" magnetism. By "corporeal' is meant, "pertaining to the body." I use the term "corporeal magnetism" to indicate and designate the conveyance of personal magnetism by means of physical contact, as, for instance, by the touch of the hands, lips, etc.

It may be objected to that this term is needless, inasmuch as I have already considered the phase of physical magnetism, or nerve-force, in connection with the general subject of personal magnetism. But, I answer; by "corporeal magnetism" I mean something different from mere physical magnetism, or nerve-force. The new term is far more inclusive, for, by "corporeal magnetism" I mean the projection of the combined personal magnetism (physical and mental) to the other person, over the channels of the nervous system of both persons, instead of through the ether as in the case of the ordinary projection of personal magnetism Note this distinction: Under the head of physical magnetism, I explained to you how magnetic healing treatments might be given by the use of the hands, the physical magnetism passing over the nervous system of the healer, making the leap between the finger-tips and the body of the other person. But, in "corporeal magnetism" not only the physical magnetism or nerve-force, is so projected to the other person, but at the same time is also projected the mental magnetism. In short, the entire process of the projection of combined personal magnetism is performed, but the magnetism flows along physical channels, instead of across the ether, to reach the other person. I trust that you clearly perceive this distinction, before we proceed further.

That there exists this phase of personal magnetism, called "corporal magnetism" cannot be doubted by the careful investigator. On all sides we may see evidence of the phenomena of this phase of personal magnetism. In the handshake of the person is often conveyed the strongest kind of personal magnetism - in the touch of the hand is often found the strongest kind of emotional vibrations. In the kiss, and the contact of the cheek, are often to be found the most active form of emotional vibrations, as almost everyone knows. In short, by bodily contact there may often be conveyed the most dangerous forms of sexual magnetism - and other forms of magnetism.

I do not intend to say much regarding sexual magnetism in this book, but I would not be doing justice to my students if I failed to at least mention some plain facts, in passing. I need scarcely remind my student of the powerful sexual emotions often aroused by a kiss, or touch of the cheek, or even the "holding of hands" - this knowledge is common to the race, although few understand the real nature of the phenomena. Enough for me to say that the libertine generally realizes full well the powerful vibrations, which may be conveyed in this manner, although he does not understand the scientific facts of the case - he has the practice well defined in his mind, although he does not understand the theory. Young persons, especially young women, should be taught the danger of this form of magnetism, and should avoid allowing the physical contact which makes the same active. The "holding hands," the thoughtless kiss, pressure of the cheek, embrace, or close physical contact, all afford and furnish a "direct line" for the passage of this form of magnetism, i.e., the sexual magnetism conveyed through corporeal channels. The unprincipled person, of strong passions, soon learns that by close physical contact he may often convey his emotional vibration to the young woman, and thus arouse reciprocal vibrations, which may sweep her off her feet, and into his arms - often to her utter ruin and disgrace. This is not a pleasant subject, but I feel that I would not be true to my students if I failed to point out this dangerous force, and to caution them to guard against the employment of the same against them.

Leaving this phase of the subject, I now wish to call the attention of my students to the use of corporeal magnetism in the ordinary use of the hands, as in shaking hands, etc. Here is a subject worthy of the closest attention on your part.

Strongly magnetic men, and those who have studied this subject, frequently employ this method of projecting personal magnetism in making their preliminary moves in the direction of influencing other persons by personal magnetism. Who has not experienced the magnetic handshake of individuals of this kind? And, on the other hand, who has not been conscious of the feeling of repulsion inspired by the cold, clammy, snake-like handshake of other types of persons?

You have also probably noticed that many men whose business it is to influence you in any direction, such as politicians, preachers, promoters, salesmen, etc., have a habit of placing their hands upon your shoulders, during the conversation - or laying their hand lightly on your arm while speaking to you - in some cases, giving you a final pat on the back as they urge you to "sign right here, and close the thing up." Have you realized that this is a form of corporal magnetism, and that the result is often very effective? Look out for these fellows in the future, and neutralize their magnetism according to the rules given in the next chapter of this book. If you choose to employ these methods yourself - well, that is your own business, and a matter for yourself to decide. It is a very strong method of conveying corporeal magnetism, I assure you.

In shaking hands with any person whom you may wish to influence, you should throw into the clasp the strongest possible kind of personal magnetism, physical and mental, according to the rules already given you in this book. Give the person the direct command at the moment of the clasp, throwing it into him by means of the nerves of the hand and fingers. (A little practice, in the direction of shaking hands with yourself will be of great aid to you in this matter). Send him a mental message just as you would if you were merely looking at him.

When you meet a person with whom you are acquainted, the handclasp is the natural thing, and it gives you a splendid opportunity to get in a powerful preliminary flash of personal magnetism, accompanied by the strongest possible direct command. When this is performed properly, it will serve to get the other person in exactly the right psychic conditions to receive your further direct commands, and to yield more readily to your magnetism. It is your "advance guard" preparing the way for the grand charge upon the breast-works of the enemy. Use it well and half the battle will be won at one stroke.

Always be hearty in your handclasp - not rough or too strenuous, for no one likes to have his hand tightly squeezed or bruised - always remember the word "hearty" in this connection. Beware of the lifeless handshake - throw feeling into it, and make it be alive and vital. Shake hands as if the other person meant something to you, and hold on to his hand for a moment, and then let go as if with reluctance. Seek out some strongly magnetic person, used to meeting people - some successful politician, for instance - and let him shake hands with you. Notice how much interest and feeling he puts into his clasp - and then take notes from his methods. A good magnetic preacher, meeting his flock at the church door as they pass out, also will give you a good example. Study them and "catch the motion."

When shaking hands with a person who you wish to influence, you should throw into the handclasp the direct command, which you wish to impress upon him. If you wish him, or her, to like you, your direct command should be along those lines, for instance, a strong "You LIKE me!" If you wish to assert your positivity over his power, you should get to work at once with a very strong positive "I am stronger than you," or "I am far more POSITIVE than you!" or some other statement of the same general kind, such as I have given you in the preceding chapters. In fact, you may use nay or all of the statements previously given to you, in this form as well as in the ordinary phases of the direct command.

In concluding this chapter, I wish to call your attention to a phase of the phenomena of corporeal magnetism, which is often overlooked by teachers of the subject. I allude to that form of magnetism, which is projected by mere "nearness" of the bodies of persons, even though direct contact may not be had. Good salesmen and others often know this from their own experience, although not understanding the real cause. They know that by sitting near to the customer, they can get a better magnetic effect than if compelled to sit at a little distance. The result of the "heart to heart" talk often results from this nearness. In the same way, the gestures of the hands of a speaker, coming in close contact to other persons, often serves to convey the magnetism to them, although no actual contact is had.

The hands, particularly, are very effective instruments for the conveyor of corporeal magnetism, for the nerves of the fingers are very sensitive, and readily convey and project the magnetism with great concentrated force. The use of the fingers of the mesmerist is but one example of this fact. You will also notice that the majority of effective orators and speakers have a way of making passes and waves at their audiences. The good solicitor or promoter usually employs his hands in this way. Remember, I do not say that these people are always conscious of the facts behind their gestures - they often are ignorant of the same, and use their hands instinctively, having acquired the movements through habit. But the facts remain, and those who learn the secret of the force and its employment, and thereafter use it consciously and deliberately, are placed at a great advantage over others who do not possess this knowledge. And, mark my words, there are thousands of the worlds greatest men who have learned this secret, taken lessons in its use, and are now employing it actively. You may now join their ranks, if you care to do so.