We now approach a phase of the general subject of personal magnetism, which is highly important, as well as most interesting to the student, because of its striking and startling features. This phase consists of the deliberate, conscious projection of personal magnetism into the aura of another person, or persons; or into the atmosphere of a crowd of persons. This method has been called the "direct flash," because it resembles the flash of the electric spark, rather than the diffused discharge of a steady current of electricity.

The "direct flash" is the method employed in projecting a positive influence in the direction of others - a mental command backed up by the combined physical and mental magnetism. The method is: (l) The forming in the mind of a direct command accompanied by a mental picture of the desired action on the part of the other person; (2) the mental gathering of the two combined forms of magnetism into one force; and (3) the deliberate discharge of the "flash" by the will.

You have been fully instructed regarding the first two phases of this "direct flash" method; and you have been given general information which will enable you to comprehend the third phase, i.e., that of the "deliberate discharge of the 'flash' by the will." That is to say, you understand the forming of the mental picture, and the projection of magnetism, in connection with the gathering up of the two forms of magnetism; and you likewise are acquainted with the power and action of the will in the work of projecting magnetism. All you need to compete the instruction regarding the method of using the "direct flash" is a little further instruction regarding the use of the will in projecting this "deliberate discharge." And this further instruction I shall now give you.

The key to the "direct flash" consists in the deliberate action of the will in projecting or "flashing" into the mind of the other person a certain direct statement or command, backed up by all the magnetic forces within you. This comes easily and rapidly as the result of a little practice. And, moreover, you may practice in private, standing before your mirror, until you acquire the mental mechanical ease, which is necessary.

Let us now begin with some concrete examples, rather than continuing the general consideration. In other words, let us now "get down to brass tacks," in the matter.

Preliminary Exercise. Stand before your mirror; gaze positively and firmly at your own image therein, just as you would gaze toward another person. In fact, you must try to imagine that you are really gazing at another person. Then, send that imaginary person - pictured by your reflected image - the message: "I am stronger than you!"

Now, try to get my exact meaning, as I proceed. You must not rest content with merely thinking or saying the words of the magnetic command above given - you must cultivate and develop an actual willing the command, just as you would will the raising of your hand, or the clenching of your fist. You will find it necessary to cultivate this power of so willing, for your belief will not at first coordinate with the will. You could not very well will your hand to be lifted, or fist clenched, unless you actually believed that the thing itself were possible. In the same way the little child has to first learn the possibility of his using his will, deliberately, in performing physical actions. He first sees others performing certain actions, and the idea gradually dawns upon him that he, too, may do them. Then he begins to use his will, awkwardly at first, in directing the muscles as required. In the same way will you have to develop your ability to use your will deliberately in the direction of this form of personal magnetism? But by a little steady, earnest practice before the mirror, you will soon master the mechanism of the thing - the rest will be all a matter of practice upon persons.

In sending the message, "I am stronger than you," you must accompany the effort of the will (by which you send forth the thought-command) with a strong mental conviction that your are stronger (magnetically) than him, and also with the belief that he will be impressed by this fact and will accept your statement. You must get yourself into the mental attitude of demanding that he accept your statement, not that you merely request him to do so. In this form of magnetic influence there is no such thing as "requesting" - it is all a matter of "insistent command" - do not forget this. When you merely request, you usually take second magnetic position, giving to the other person the first place. But when you command, you take the first place, yourself, and push him into the second. In practicing before your mirror, remember this, and endeavor to raise yourself into the first position. You will know when you have done this, by the peculiar feeling of superior magnetic strength that you will experience.

After having mastered the above exercise to your own satisfaction - that is, until you have thoroughly acquired the feeling of mastery, and magnetic superiority, when you send forth the flash of command - you may proceed to the following, which is based upon the first, and results from it. I mean, that you are now in a position to practice this second stage of the exercise before the mirror. You will feel like beginning to try your power upon other persons, but you would do better to wait until you have thoroughly mastered the mechanism of magnetism before the mirror.

This second stage of the preliminary mirror exercise is summed up in the word of mental magnetic command, which you address to the imaginary person represented by your reflected image, viz.: "I can command you to act." This, as you will see by a careful consideration of the words, is really a tremendously powerful statement, and it will require a great exercise of our power of belief, and mental imagery, to get yourself into the proper mental state, so that the will may travel easily on its path to enforce the command. Remember, that in order for the will to be able to move smoothly over its channel, so that it may reach the mark, it is necessary that you clear away any obstacles that may remain in your own mind. It is enough for the will to have to fight and break down the obstacles in the mind of the other person, without also being called on to combat and overcome the obstacles in our own mind. So, you must get yourself in the proper mental state, before you can hope to influence others.

When you send forth the mental command to the reflected image, you must concentrate a tremendous power of meaning in the statement, "I can command you to act." The statement must be accompanied by the full force of your own conviction and belief that you can so command, and that you will be obeyed. And, in order to do this, you will have to arouse in yourself the full consciousness of your own magnetic force, so that you can fairly feel it vibrating in and around you. You will have to re-read these instructions several times before they will become perfectly clear to you. In fact, you will have to begin practicing, and then re-reading them between exercises, before you will get the full meaning. The meaning will gradually unfold into your understanding, as you proceed with your practicing. It is just as if I were giving you directions as to mastering the art of skating - you would not really grasp the full meaning of the instructions until you began actually practicing on the ice - and each time you would refer to the book, you would perceive a new meaning to the words. So it is in the case before us - you will understand the instructions fully only when you begin the actual practice.

Now, after you have gotten to the point in the mirror-practice where you are able to actually feel that you have sent forth to the reflected image the command that you are stronger, thereby forcing the other person into the second magnetic place - and also that you can command the other person to act as you will, thereby placing him in the subordinate capacity of action - you may proceed to try upon the reflected image some special commands in the same spirit. Now do not fall into the error of supposing that all this mirror-practice is merely "child's play." If you do, you will be making a great mistake, for it is anything but play or idle pastime. It is the learning of the mechanism of the "direct flash," before you start in to run the machine in earnest. It is like the period of preliminary practice in anything, which precedes the actual performance. It is the rehearsal, which must precede the play. Do not fail to faithfully perform the rehearsal exercises, before you begin to manifest your magnetism in earnest. You must fully acquaint yourself with your magnetic machine before you begin to run it in earnest.

The preceding practice exercises maybe followed by a similar practice of sending forth "flashes" of anything that you may wish to actually send to other persons later on. You may supply these commands for yourself, or you may practice on the following excellent commands, all of which are likely to be used by you in your actual manifestation of personal magnetism.

These commands may be varied, of course, to suit your tastes. They must all be delivered before the mirror, in exactly the same manner as I have already stated:

"Look at me!"

"Give me your full attention!" "Come this way!"

"Go away from me - let me alone!"

'You like me." 'You love me"

'You feel like doing as I wish you to do!"

'You want to please me!"

" You will agree to my proposition!"

"Get out of my way!"

'You are attracted toward me!"

"I fascinate you!"

"I am your MASTER!"

"Come! Be quick, and do as I tell you!"

'You are receptive to my wishes!"

'You are responsive to my will!"