In preparing the patient for your distant healing currents, he should be instructed to place himself in a receptive mental attitude toward such treatments. He should be taught to mentally open himself to the inflow of your healing thought currents, and to assume the mental attitude of perfect willingness to receive such inflow. This removes the friction which the subconscious mind sometimes sets up to thought currents from outside (a very wise provision of nature, by the way), and renders your work much easier and much more effective. You should, of course, caution the patient against making himself receptive to all thought currents from outside; he should be taught to make the mental statement that he is passive to your thoughts only, and resistive to all others which he does not wish to receive.

Some patients like to be treated at a certain hour, and in such case it is well to fall in with their wishes, if the hour is convenient to you. But, inasmuch as this is not at all necessary for the success of the treatment, many of the best practitioners refuse to set or observe hours of treatment, and instead give the treatment at such times as are most convenient to them. The Corporeal Mind of the patient is always wide awake-always "at home"-even when his conscious mind is wrapped in sleep; so that it may be reached at any time with equal effect. The patient may be informed of this, and told that all that is necessary is to take the general mental attitude that your" healing thought currents are always welcome.

When the time for the treatment has arrived, you should strengthen and make clear the mental path or line which you have erected, and thus firmly establish the en rapport condition. This you do by sitting quietly and* thinking the line clear, in the way I have already described to you. A little practice will" soon inform you just when the desired condition is reached; at such times there comes to the practitioner a peculiar feeling of closeness to the patient-a strange sense of the two persons being in the actual presence of each other. When you experience this feeling fully, then you will know that the conditions are favorable for the treatment. If you experience difficulty in securing these conditions, do not become worried, impatient, or discouraged, for a little patient, calm concentration will soon bring about the desired result.

When you are satisfied that the best possible conditions have been secured, and the best possible degree of en rapport established, then you should proceed to visualize or mentally picture the patient as present in the same room with you. Forget all about the mental wires, paths, or tracks, or astral tubes (for the time being), for you have already established the connection, and your thought process will subconsciously keep the line open until the treatment is completed. In imagination, see your patient as standing or seated before you (whichever you prefer). Throw yourself as thoroughly as possible into the idea of this direct presence, for it is a most potent factor in these distant treatments. Do not waste time in trying to picture the features of the person, for indeed you may not know these-it is sufficient that you imagine a Somebody present before you, that Somebody being your patient of course. From this point proceed precisely as if you were giving the treatment of Mental Suggestion, or Personal Thought Induction, or a combination of both. Speak, aloud, or in a whisper, to the patient before you, if you wish; or if you prefer you may direct to him your silent mental suggestions, instruction, or commands. In every way act exactly as if he were actually before you in person-for from the occult viewpoint he is actually so, your en rapport condition bringing you actually in mental contact with him.

From this point, you are to proceed simply as you would in the case of a patient who had called upon you in person for treatment. Hold the same mental picture of the patient manifesting perfect health; give the same mental instructions to the Corporeal Mind, and to the cell-minds or organ-minds, as you would in personal treatment by any method we have studied and considered. So true is this that many of the best distant healers actually address the distant patient with the greeting of "Good Morning," or "How do you do, Mr. Smith; sit down and rest yourself a few moments before we begin our treatment;" and actually bid them "Good-bye," or "Good Morning" after the treatment is over. This may seem like fantastic nonsense-but when you have tried it a few times you will see how natural it comes to you, and how effective it is. Do not dismiss anything contained in these lessons, until you have given it a fair and unprejudiced trial; all of the things regarding which you are being instructed in these lessons are the result of the actual experience of many of the world's best healers, and as such demand at least respectful consideration and a fair trial from you or any other student who wishes to attain scientific knowledge of this great subject.

I shall now give you a practical example.of Distant Healing, along the general lines just set down for you. I have taken as an example a case which is quite common in the practice of all practitioners-you will recognize it often when you get into actual practice, so you will do well to fix its general principles in your memory. It is a case of general "run down health," arising from imperfect nutrition and poor elimination, which has resulted in weakness, poor blood supply, cold hands and feet, impaired sense of smell, hearing, and taste, poor memory, and dizziness in the head, etc. When you meet these cases in person, you easily recognize them by their pallor, thinness, cold hands, and general appearance; likewise you recognize the general symptoms when they write to ypu telling their troubles. Drug treatment does little or nothing for these patients, and they soon develop into . chronic cases-but the right kind of Mental Healing treatment soon works an improvement upon them, and if kept up nearly always results in a cure. You will notice that the treatment goes right to the spot, and is directed along the lines of scientific physiology plus scientific psychology.

Typical Case. Having established the en rapport condition between the patient and yourself, you create the mental picture or visualization of the patient as being actually present in the room with you. This being secured, you proceed to address the patient just as you would in the case of ordinary personal presence, viz.: "Good morning, Mrs. Smith, I am glad to see you. You are looking better this morning-you know that you are going to get better, going to be perfectly well pretty soon, don't you? Of course you do; and that is just what is going to happen to you-you are going to get better at once, and then still better, and then better still; and so on better and better each day, until in a short time we wTill have you all right again, enjoying better health than you ever did in your life; all your troubles gone and forgotten, and you so happy and well and strong that you will seem like another woman. That ^is what this treatment is going to do for you, Mrs. Smith- and away down in your heart you realize it, do you not? Of course you do-you know it intuitively, and that's just why you are here this morning; here to be cured and made well!

"Mrs. Smith, I now see you as a strong, healthy woman. I see you before me as nature intended you to be, and as you really are in Truth. You have plumped out, your cheeks are rosy and your lips red, your eyes are bright and your skin soft and pleasant to the touch. I can see into your body, and there I perceive all of your organs functioning properly, and busily engaged in their work of building up a strong and well body, and keeping it in that condition. Every part of your body is doing its work properly; every organ is functioning properly; every cell is doing its work splendidly, just as nature intended it to do. You have a strong, healthy body, doing its work properly, and that is why I see you before me as an ideal Healthy Woman. And, oh, how happy you seem to be well and strong once more.

"I see that your digestive organs are working splendidly, and are digesting and assimilating every bit of nourishment in the food you eat. Consequently, you have a good natural appetite for normal healthy food-even a crust of dry bread tastes good to you, for when you chew it you realize that you are extracting nourishment from it which is going to strengthen you and keep you strong. Your food is being transmuted into rich red blood which is coursing through your veins and building up every part of your body and strengthening it. Your brain is well nourished, and this keeps your senses in good working order. You hear well, taste well, smell well, see well, and feel well-your sense organs are all working properly, because they are well nourished. Your hands and feet are warm, for there is plenty of blood going to them and nourishing them. Your head is clear and your memory is good, because your brain is now well nourished.

"Your organs of elimination are working beautifully, and are throwing out of the system all the waste matter and impurities that nature wishes to discard. Your bowels are working finely; you have a natural movement of the bowels once a day, at the time you set for it- and you always keep your engagement with your bowels, for yoil have promised to act well by them if they act well by you, and you are both keeping your contract. Your reproductive organs are in perfect condition, and you have no trouble whatever from them. Your menstruation is regular and normal, and free from pain, for you have established a new order of-things in your general care of the body, and all of the various parts and organs are responding properly thereto.

"You are bright, cheerful and happy all the time, all the day, and everywhere. You take an interest in life, and see everything as a new and happy world. You take an interest in what is going on about you, and are thus keeping young and active. You feel the spirit of Youth bubbling in you, and you are enjoying Life anew."

Here you should give specific suggestions to the various organs of the body above referred to, or which may be reported as in trouble; you speak to them just as if they were separate entities, according to the principles explained to you in preceding lessons of this course. It makes no difference that the patient is distant in space from you-the principle is precisely the same as I have explained to you. In some cases you will get better results from the "general treatment" as above described; in others, you will get much better results from the organ-mind or cell-mind treatment; therefore, it is always better to try both in order to gain the benefit of both methods.

You should terminate the treatment with bidding the patient good-bye, and giving her a strong, hopeful suggestion or statement that she will find herself feeling better each hour, and that she will feel like another woman by the time of the next treatment. Remember, that all your statements and suggestions reach the Corporeal Mind of the patient; and the organ-minds ^nd cell-minds as well. Like a little child listening quietly in a room, the Corporeal Mind of the patient is eagerly listening to every word of your treatment-therefore be sure to get in the right kind of suggestions and statements, that they may take form in physical states and conditions.