Journals And Books For Reference

" American Pottery Gazette." (New York, U.S.A.)

" Boswell's Memoir on Sands Suitable for Glassmaking." (Longmans, Green & Co., London.)

" Pottery Gazette." (Scott Greenwood, London.)

" Spreechall." (Coburg, Germany.)

" Painting on Glass and Porcelain." Hermann. (Scott Greenwood.)

" Decorated Glass Processes." (Constable, London.)

" Jena Glass." Horestadt. (Macmillan & Co.)

" Glass Manufacture." Rosenhain.

" Producer Gas-Fired Furnaces." Ostwald.

" Glass-Making." By A. Pellatt. (Boque, London.)

" Gas and Coal Dust Firing." Putsch. (Scott Greenwood.)

" The Collected Writings of H. Seger." (Scott Greenwood.)

" Ceramic Industries." Vol. T. By Mellor.

" Modern Brickmaking" ; " British Clays, Sands, and Shales "

" Handbook of Clay Working." By A. B. Searle. (Griffin & Co.)

" Glass Blowing." By Shenstone.

" Asch's Silicates of Chemistry and Commerce."

" Clays." By A. B. Searle. (Pitman, London.)

" Fuel and Refractory Materials." Sexton. (Mackie & Sons.)

" Furnaces and Refractories." Harvard. (McGraw, New York)

Societies' Journals And Transactions

"The Society of Glass Technology, Sheffield."

" The American Ceramic Society." (Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A.)

" The English Ceramic Society." (Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs.)

" Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry." (Westminster, London.)