I WANT the full corn in the ear, the corn and the blade.

I want the bitter with the sweet, no matter what is paid.

I want the blossom and the fruit, no matter what it be, I want the heart of all the apples, ripe upon the tree.


I want the middle of the storm, that sweeps about the hill.

I want to stand where others stand, when summer holds us still.

I want the beauty of the night, the fairness of the day. I want the whole that life can give, of love, or work or play.


I want to feel the flood again, the river in full spate, I want to go with outstretched hands, with heart and mind elate,

To search and find, to seek, and know, is ever now my quest,

The secrets of the human heart close guarded, I would wrest.


I want to see the clear white light, that breaks across the world.

I want to know the mystery, of tender lives unfurled.

I want to gather in my heart, the spring life breaking forth.

I want to know the summer song, and all that makes it worth.