I CANNOT see the colours in the sky, I cannot see the wild birds as they fly, I know not if there rain or shine can be, For all alike are day and night to me.


I hopeless stand upon the brink of life, I know one step would ending be of strife, Yet though I blindly follow out the way, I trust, that some thing keeps me if I stray.


I feel around that all must suffer pain.

For me, for they, I know not what the gain,

Yet this I know if each but hold a hand.

Of him that's next, then, safe they all must stand.


No use though blind to chuck away the fight, Another knows what wrong is, and what right, And by the might of nature's greatest laws We Godlike are, and not, just windblown straws.


I hear the wind, the voice of all around.

I feel the magic touch that calls by sound,

So blind and prostrate wait what is to come,

And hope whate'er undone, of good there still be some.