The Sand Dab (Pleuronectes Limanda) is likely to be caught wherever there is a sandy shore. Should the run of fish be small the hook may be a size less than that illustrated. As a rule these fish are pale in colour, fairly transparent, and may be distinguished from the flounder by the roughness of their scales.

Draw the hand from tail to head along them and they feel like a nutmeg grater. The flounder, on the other hand, is a fish with small scales covered with mucus, and is smooth almost as eel or tench. The sand dab is not sufficiently appreciated. When fresh, unless taken from muddy waters, it is nearly as good as a sole. It is found all round our coasts, and, so far as my experience goes, is particularly plentiful in Tenby Bay. Torbay is another noted spot. Along with these fish will generally be caught a few plaice and flounders. The best baits are those already recommended for plaice.