The Rough Hound is most common off the Hebrides, Devon, Cornwall, and Ireland. It is variously named row-hound, small or lesser spotted dogfish, curfish, kennett, daggar, huss, hund-fish, land-dog, suss, and morgay. In shape it resembles the other dogs, but has a rough skin, a reddish brown or grey back marked with spots varying in colouróblack, brown red and grey. This dogfish has no particular use except in respect of its skin, which makes good sandpaper.

The Nurse Hound

The Nurse Hound, which is also called the large spotted dogfish, bull huss, bounce, and catfish, resembles but is not so common as the rough-hound. The principal points of difference are in the skin of the nurse-hound being rougher and the spots larger. The two varieties are often confounded, in both senses of the word, by the fishermen. Its principal use is to bait crab-pots, but its skin makes excellent sandpaper.