The Azlimzah is another of the great ocean fish taken in these parts, and it advances towards the shore in battalions during July and August. There is always some drawback, however, and the sport is often hindered by obstreperous northeasterly winds, which make a rough sea and dirty water, fatal to successful angling from boats. The baits are the same as for tasargelt—a piece of octopus, small sardines, or a bit of silver side, locally called ' aghulim,'cut from a freshly caught fish. The azlimzah run from 30 to 40 lbs., and naturally give magnificent sport. In 1885 a young visitor to Mogador killed an azlimzah of 54 lbs. in weight. It was 54 1/2 inches long and 30 inches in girth, and on the same day ' Sarcelle,' who had taken the young gentleman out, himself caught one of 50 lbs.