Most modern warbonnets take the crown of a felt hat as a basis, but the ancient way was to use a broad buckskin band, as shown in the illustration.

Tail feathers of the war eagle were considered essential at one time, but many others are now used. I should be sorry to increase a demand which would stimulate pursuit of a noble bird already threatened with extinction.

Most of the big feather dealers have what are known as "white quills." These are wing feathers of swans and are sold at about 25 cents a dozen. These, when the tips are dyed brown, make a good substitute for eagle feathers. They are still more like if a little down from a white hen be lashed on.

The process of lashing a leather loop on the quill with a waxed thread, and of fastening a red tuft of horsehair on the top for the grand coup are sufficiently shown in the above illustration.

Making The Warbonnet 328