The Degree of Herald is conferred on those who take 10 these tests:

1. Can walk 1 mile in 11 min. (15 for L. L).

2. " " 30 " " 12 hrs. (Not open to L. L).

3. Can run 100 yds. in 13 sec. (14 for L. L).

4. " " 1 mile in 5 1/3 min. (Not open to L. L).

5. " swim 100 yards.

6. Have slept out 30 nights.

7. Can send and receive a message in one of the following systems of signaling: Semaphore, Morse, or Myer, not fewer than 24 letters per minute. (12 letters for L. L).

8. Make correct smoke signals meaning "Camp is here," "I am Lost," "All well," "All come to Council".

*9. Can talk Sign Talk, knowing at least 400 signs. (200 for L. L).

*10. Know the 25 signs and blazes of the Indian code. (15 for L. L).

*11. Can read and translate into his own language a page or conversation from some other language. *12. Can conduct a Council.

*13. Know the ordinary rules of courtesy, precedence, introduction, salutation, etc.

14. Know the history of the National Flag and the proper way of saluting, etc.

15. Have taught half a dozen fellows to qualify.