Program Of A Council Fire Invocation

The Pledge And Creed Of All Americans Appeal

Ritual Of The Council Fire

The ceremonies of the Council Fire may be conducted with the accompaniment of pageantry to any extent desirable. At the Council Fire of the Dan Beard Outdoor School, the officers dress in costume; not masquerade costumes but the real ones.

The Man Of The North

The Man Of The North, who attends to the Northern Lights, is garbed in the blanket clothes of a northern lumberman and carries an axe.

The Man Of The East

The Man Of The East, who attends the fire where the sun maidens dwell, may be arrayed in the clothes of one of our Pilgrim fathers.

The Man Of The West

The Man Of The West, who attends the fire of the Blue Mountain, is decked in the fringed buckskin clothes of the trapper, plainsman, or mountaineer.

The Man Of The South

The Man Of The South, who guards the fire of the Red Mountain, is dressed in the picturesque costume of a Mexican with a high-crowned sombrero. The seats of the different courts are draped with the colors of the courts.