The Leader, or head officer, steps forward and throwing both hands up in a gesture of appeal, in which he is imitated by the assembly, he repeats:

Weave for us, O Great Mystery, etc. (as already given).

Then he cries:

Four Winds of the Earth, we have saluted you! Wind of the North, from whence come our snow and ice. Wind of the East, from whence come our clouds and rains. Wind of the West, from whence comes our sunshine. Wind of the South, from whence comes our warmth. Send us your men to guard the mystic fires.

The Men of the North, East, West and South, now step in front of the Chief, and he directs them to

See that the mystic fires are blazing.

The fires, having already been carefully prepared, are now lighted by the fire-keepers under the direction of the men of the Four Winds, and the latter return and report to the Chief in the following manner:

Chief.... Man of the North, you whose mighty axe bites to the heart of the pine,

Are the mystic Northern Lights burning at Kon-win?

Is He-le-jah, the Mountain-lion, on guard on the yellow mountain of the North?

Man of the North.... Chief, the Medicine fire has been lighted, the Mountain-lion is guarding the yellow mountain of the North, All is well.

Chief____Man of the East, is the Medicine Fire at Too-le-ze blazing?

Is the White Wolf on guard at the White Mountain, where the sun-maidens dwell?

Man of the East... Chief, Too-le-ze blazes in the East, the White Wolf is on guard. Wah-tab-bah, the robin, shields the fire, All is well.

Chief.... Man of the West, man of the plains and mountains, does the mystic fire at Kor-le blaze?

Is the Black Bear guarding the Blue Mountain, where the sun sets?

Man of the West... .Chief, Kor-le is ablaze, the Black Bear's growls may be heard in the torrent that guards the Blue Mountain.

All is well.

Chief... .Man of the South, how blazes the fire at Too-winks? Has the Red Badger come from its burrow to stand guard on the Red Mountain?

Man of the South.... Chief, Too-winks flames to the sky. The Red Badger is on guard.

All is well.

The Color Guard now enters, marches up to in front of the officers and all stand at salute. The Color Guard with colors about faces and the guests and all present recite in unison: