A small table in the tent is another convenience that pays for its transportation. The model shown in Fig. 26, with roll top, comes in two sizes, 36 x 27 and 36 x 36 inches. It folds into a package about 6 inches in diameter, and weighs 16 pounds. The top separately, weighing only 6 pounds, and costing but $1.25, can be set up on forked stakes, as illustrated in Fig. 27.

Roll up Table.

Fig. 26. Roll-up Table.

Roll up Table Top.

Fig. 27. Roll-up Table Top.

The table shown in Fig. 29 folds into a package only 27 inches long, and weighs 15 pounds.

Table with Shelf.

Fig. 28. Table with Shelf.

Compact Table.

Fig. 29. Compact Table.

A stronger and more rigid table than either of these has legs that cross in four directions (Fig. 28). It may be bought either plain (16 pounds) or with a folding shelf underneath (23 pounds). The top is 36 x 27 inches; size folded, 36 x 7 x 5 inches. By an interlocking device, two or more of these tables may be fastened together, for mess purposes.

Folding Shelves.

Fig. 30. Folding Shelves.

Wall Pocket.

Fig. 31. Wall Pocket.

If boards are not procurable near the camp site, a portable dining table for a party of four to six is quickly rigged by setting up two roll table tops (Fig. 27) side by side.