Folding stools without backs are by no means comfortable. Far better is a chair in which you can recline and rest the whole body. The pattern shown in Fig. 24 folds as easily as an umbrella, to a size 3 ft. long by 3 in. square, and, when opened, adjusts itself perfectly to the body. It weighs 4^ pounds. A larger size, high enough to rest the head, weighs 6% pounds.

The armchair. Fig. 25, knocks down into six parts which are carried in a bag, forming a package 29 x 6 in., that weighs 8 pounds. This is the Indian " Rhorkee " chair, a favorite with old campaigners the world over. With the addition of a foot-rest of some sort it makes a fairly comfortable bed. Caspai Whitney and Richard Harding Davis consider it the best camp chair made. Several of our sporting #oods houses carry it in stock.

Folding Chair.

Fig. 24. Folding Chair.

Folding Arm Chair.

Fig. 25. Folding Arm Chair.