Dreams about a house symbolize a larger aspect of your Self, and the aspects of Self which make the whole. Each room is said to symbolize a different aspect of your Self; for example:

An Attic

An Attic symbolizes your Higher Self, and your spiritual development & progress. Look at other symbols in the attic of your dream, and try to evaluate what they mean. Also pay attention to the feeling you experience in your dream...is it pensive, enlightening or what, exactly? All these things are clues for you.

A Bathroom

A Bathroom would symbolize the need for cleansing/purging/elimination of something in your life that isn't quite working or that has served its purpose and now it's time to move on.

A Kitchen

A Kitchen would symbolize the need or act of supplying nourishment or food for the body/mind/soul...whatever is currently "cooking" or developing in your life. If the food is plentiful, you have what you need. If the cupboard is bare, time to go shopping for new nourishment, and you need to figure out what is needed for that "shopping list".

A Dining Room

A Dining Room is similar to the kitchen, but has more to do with immediate needs for supplying & utilizing nourishment, and less with the preparation or taking stock of those needs.

The Main Room Or Living Room

The Main Room Or Living Room symbolizes your daily interactions with others, and often you will have other people appearing in your dreams in this room. Remember, they represent aspects of yourself, and not themselves. (See PEOPLE, above)


Bedrooms symbolize the unconscious mind aspect of your self, rest, dreams, sometimes sexuality issues in your life.

The Upstairs

The Upstairs symbolizes your spiritual awareness aspect of self, or the Higher Self that holds all the keys or knowledge to this life's role you are acting out, and always has your higher good looked after, no matter how it might seem otherwise.

The Downstairs/Basement

The Downstairs/Basement symbolizes your subconscious mind aspect of self, which deals with habits, old coping skills, automation, ego. That's usually the part of ourselves that makes us feel "torn" between knowing we should do one thing, and inexplicably ending up doing the opposite. Old belief patterns & fears have to be corrected, if that is the case. Tackle & overcome it, and you will feel much more peaceful about your life.

The Ground Floor

The Ground Floor of a house represents your daily agenda; what's currently going on in your life.

Revisiting Old Houses From Childhood Or Earlier Times

This points to issues that probably are resurfacing in your current life, and need to be looked at, analyzed, and healed so you can move forward and not look back. If you find yourself repeating the same old tired mistakes, or dealing with the same old tired fears, chances are you will have this dream.

A Hallway

A Hallway symbolizes that you have reached an area that is necessary to journey through in order to get to the other side, and it may be a narrow path that has to be traversed with care and awareness. If you have that "closed in, claustrophobic feeling" then you need to expand your awareness/open your mind to more possibilities for completing this phase of your journey.

A Porch

A Porch symbolizes perhaps a metaphor of being undecided, such as the saying, "I'm still on the porch on that decision." It could be symbolic of being contemplative, or uncommitted or withdrawn. It could be something entirely different such as being on the threshold of a new sense or an extension of self. It depends on the entire context of the dream. Is it the back or front porch? Is it screened-in or open, messy or neat, sparse or furnished? All these details add to the overall symbolism.