"Dear Brother: Oh, how happy I am to-day to be able to write you on the inner surface of a double slate with your own precious hands holding it with the medium. You did not need this as a test, for your mind is clear and your heart is in the cause, but we give it to you because others have been thus favored, and we have resolved that you shall not be neglected when the good things pertaining to spirit intercourse are being given to others. Oh, John, you do give us so much real happiness by your noble and upright conduct, and by the opportunities you give us to hold sweet communion with you. Thus our lives become interblended, and the happiness of all increased. Spirits do derive great benefit from mortals, and to that extent are dependent on them. When a child dies in the tender years of infancy unschooled in the multifarious concernments of mortal life, it is brought back into contact with human affairs that it may learn those experiences of earth which were denied it by its early and untimely departure from the form. In all the pursuits of your life each individual is constantly attended by spirits interested in the same, and in these and many other ways are spirits aided in their progress and happiness. Wheuever and by whomsoever you are told differently heed it not, but rely on what I have stated. We are interested in your proper instruction, and we will not lead you astray or into error. All those near and dear to you are here, and bid me to send you their love greetings They pray without ceasing that ycu may be kept steady and firm in your high resolves and noble purposes until the end, when you shall rejoice in the anthem of victory. Hold up your head, dear and precious brother; be brave and resolute in the hour of temptation. Do no harm, but all the good you can in the world. And when the blessed angel called Death shall beckon you away from the labors and vicissitudes of mortal life to the sunlit evergreen shores of the summer land, be assured that among the hosts of others who will meet and welcome you with happy and rejoicing hearts you will see and be enfolded lovingly in the arms of your loving sister, Annie."

"I, John Winterburn, resident of Cincinnati, Ohio, do hereby certify that the above and foregoing communication from my spirit sister came in the manner, to wit: I examined a double slate, and found it clean and without any writing whatever upon it. A small piece of slate pencil not larger than a grain of wheat was placed upon it and the slate closed. I then held on to one side of the slate, holding it tight together as folded, and the medium, Mrs. Green, held on to the other side. Soon we heard writing, and in the course of fifteen minutes the signal was given indicating that the writing was completed, whereupon the slate was opened, and on both sides of the inner surfaces was found, neatly written, the above communication. The t's were crossed, and the i's were clotted. I know, as well as I am capable of knowing any fact requiring the exercise of my senses in their normal state, that the communication was written by invisible power, and I firmly believe it comes from the source it purports to come, namely: my dear sister, now in spirit life. The seance was in broad daylight, and under circumstances that precluded fraud or deception on the part of the medium or any one else in the body.

"John Wintfrburn, 185 Longworth street."

" This same Mr. Winterburn has had regularly one sitting a week with Mrs. Green for seven or eight months, and among other spirit relatives and friends who were active in communicating with him was his spirit sister Annie. She seems to possess considerable poetic ability, and occasionally wrote poetry to her brother. Recently Mr. Winterburn visited his mother country, England, and the last sitting.with Mrs. G. before his departure, his sister Annie addressed the medium in the following feeling stanzas, which Mr. Winterburn copied as they came on the slate, viz:

" Dear medium friend, both good and true, "Pis hard that we must part from you, And though we cross the surging main, We will return to you again.

"Returning with our spirits' love and power From British isle or sunlit bower, Our fond hearts' loving blessings to impart To comfort and cheer your noble heart.

" Dear brother's heart you have made glad, Dispersing sorrow and conditions sad; And where'er we roam, on land or sea, Our hearts shall turn in love to thee.

" Farewell, dear medium friend, farewell, To thee our gratitude we ne'er can tell,

We can only say heart's full of love, We'll meet you on the shores above.

11 And there, in that bright land of joy, Where mingles naught of earth's alloy, We'll lead thy steps with blessings rare To our homes above our joys to share.

" Angels of light, refulgent bright, Be with you when you take you flight From scenes of strife and sorrows here To a just reward in a higher sphere.

" Farewell, farewell, alas! farewell, The parting is like a funereal knell; But when you climb the golden stair, Your true friend, Annie, will meet you there."