I think it is worth putting on record that this species exists here. I know it is plentiful near Shupanga Mission Station, on the south bank of the Zambesi River; but it is a long way from that place to Midima Hill, in the Blantyre district of Nyasaland, and I never heard of it as existing on the north bank of the Zambesi.

I have heard of the common steinbuck being shot in Central Africa, but not having met with it, or seen the horns or skin of a specimen shot there, I prefer not to include it in this list, as its existence is doubtful. It is possible that in the northern parts of Nyasaland and Northern Rhodesia that one or two small species of antelopes may exist that have not yet been brought to the notice of naturalists, as some of that country has been but little shot in, especially by men with any knowledge of field natural history.

It needs a man with a certain amount of experience to notice a difference in the markings or features of animals, and some discoveries must have been lost to science owing to this want of observance in hunters.