Camera stand. Developing tank. Thermometer (in tank). Extension back to camera. Dark-room lamp.

Acid hypo, 6 tins. Film-packs, 6 tins containing 8 dozen each. Rytol developer, 8 bottles, 22 tabloids each bottle.

Camera Case, Containing

Camera, " Voigtlander." Focal-plane shutter. Collinear lens.

Telephoto lens. Coloured lens, 3 grades. Extension release, 30 ft.

Medicine Chest, Containing

Blue pills. Rhubarb and soda. Quinine. Carbolic.

Elliman's Embrocation. Keating's Powder. " Cut " plaster, 1 tin.

Epsom salts, 1 tin.

Brandy, 1 bottle.

Mustard plaster.

Formaline, 5 per cent, solution, for liquid preservative. Mosquito oil. Gun-oil. Gun-rags.

Attache Case, Containing

Survey maps. Sketch-book. Large note-books, 2. Rough note-book. Handbooks on birds, 2. Book on trees, 1.

Pocket dictionary.

Burns's Poems.

Wordsworth's Poems.



Candles, 3.

Toilet Bag, Containing

Brush and comb. Shaving appliances.

Clothing Outfit

Blankets, 2.

Mackinaw trousers, 1 pair. Red woollen shirt, 1. Green cotton shirt, 1. Woollen jerseys. 3. Underclothing, 1 suit. Socks, 3 pairs.

Tooth-powder and brush. Soap, 1 cake.

Gloves, 2 pairs. Towels, 2. Soft hat.

Moccasins, 3 pairs. Boots, 1 pair. Trouser-belt.