12-foot split cane fishing-rod. 12 bore shotgun. 303 Ross rifle.

Mauser revolver and belt sheath. Revolver cartridges, 50. Rifle cartridges, 100. Shotgun cartridges, No. 10 dust-shot, 100. Shotgun cartridges, various shot, 200.

Hunting knife and sheath. 8-inch mill file. Foot-rule.

48-foot length of rope. Field glasses. Pocket compass. Camp axe. Few wire nails. Canoe pitch. Ball of twine.

Small Red Cotton Bag Containing

Specimen labels. Needles and thread.

Address labels. Safety pins.

Indelible pencils, 5. Pins.

Lead pencils, 5 H.B. Buttons. Wool for darning.

Canvas Dish-Bag Containing


Camp-kettles, 2.

Pail, medium size.

Reflector for bannock-baking.

Cups, 2.

Plates, 2.



Knives, 2. Forks, 2. Spoons 2. Can-opener. Waterproof match-box. Packet sulphur matches. Axe hone. Steel traps, 2.

Small Blue Cotton Bag Containing

Bait-hooks. Lead sinkers.

Fly-book and box. Zinc wire.

Minnows, 2 boxes. Brass wire.

Reels, 2. Sandpaper.

Spare line. Beeswax.

Gut casts, 1 box. String. Gaff-hook.

Blue Box Containing Taxidermal Outfit

File, small. Black ink.

Nippers. Skinning gloves.

Brogue. Arsenic and alum, 3 lbs.

Scissors, 2 pairs. Glycerine and carbolic, 2 lbs.

Forceps. Wadding, two 1 lb. roils.

Egg-blowpipe. Small glass insect phials.

Egg-drill. Mouse-traps.

Brain-hook. Rubber bands.