Pine Grosbeak ? (Pinicola Enucleator Subsp. ?)

Observed bird which I thought was this species on the Cochrane River, July 25.

Purple Finch (Carpodacus Purpureas Pur-Pureus)

Two adult males taken on Big River, May 9 ; a female seen with them.

(Observed some wild flocks of finches flying over the forest which I think were this species, Cochrane River, July 21. There is just a possibility of confusing them with Grosbeaks or Crossbills, so this note is given with reservation).

Redpoll (Acanthis Linaria Linaria)

Three specimens :l an adult male with rosy breast, Cochrane River, July 21, " bird in company with one young, bill dark brownish," two males, an adult and young, Lake Du Brochet, August 10, " bill flat, black " in the young.

Observed Cochrane River, July 23, 24, 28, 29, 30, below Du Brochet Lake. Great many observed in flocks feeding on birch catkins, Cochrane River, below Du Brochet Lake, August 13, 14. Observed north of Fort Du Brochet, October 25, those birds feed on small shoots of the tamarack tree (American larch) in late Fall, though at earlier date birch catkins appear to be their general and favourite food. This species still commonly seen, and heard giving voice to their small companionable twitter, north of Fort Du Brochet, November 7. Observed Theitaga-Tua (Lake) near latitude 60°, November 25. No specimens secured, as shot-gun behind at Du Brochet.

Snow Bunting (Plectrophinax Nivalis Nivalis)

One specimen Reindeer Lake, October 23. " Large flocks of these birds for the past fortnight."

Single bird-the first appearance of their migration into the south-observed Fort Du Brochet, September 2. Plentiful north of Fort Du Brochet on October 18, 19; birds migrating.

Very large flocks about on October 23 : recorded still plentiful October 26; noted October 29. Three observed south of Cumberland Lake, January 11, and noted that those the first observed since leaving the Far North.

Lapland Longspur (Calcarius Lapponicus Lap-Ponicus)

Observed single specimen south end lie a la Crosse Lake, May 22. Large numbers of Longspurs passing in migration; Lapland, only species certainly identified, Fort Du Brochet, September 18.

Chestnut-Collared Longspur (Calcarius Or-Natus)

Observed Crooked Lake, May 12.

Savannah Sparrow (Passercuius Sandwichensis Subsp.)

Three specimens : one from Lake He a la Crosse, May 27 ; an adult male from Fort Du Brochet, July 17 ; and a juvenile female, Cochrane River, July 28. These are very dark birds, much more so than alaudinus should be, and very different from the light race that breeds in Southern Saskatchewan, which is no doubt nevadensis.

Observed east shore He a la Crosse Lake, May 30. Observed at Stanley Mission on the Churchill River, June 23. One taken from talons of Pigeon Hawk on Du Brochet Lake, August 7. Observed during autumn migration at Fort Du Brochet, September 18.

Leconte's Sparrow (Passerherbulus Lecontei)

Two specimens : one of a pair, Churchill River, June 2 ; a male, Haultain River, June 6 ; " birds breeding here."

Harris's Sparrow (Zonotrichia Querula)

Seven specimens. An adult female and a juvenile male, Cochrane River, July 26 ; an adult male, Cochrane River, July 30. " Male and female with fledged young," a female, and young bird, Cochrane River, July 31 ; a female, Cochrane River, August 3, " bird in company with others, probably her fully fledged young "; an adult female, Lake Du Brochet, August 6-adult's " bill dull sienna-brown," juveniles' " bill blackish brown, yellow along edges of mandibles and at corners of mouth." So little is known of the early plumage of this sparrow that a description of the young of July 31 may not be out of place : " Length 3*75 in. ; pileum with feathers brownish black, indistinctly edged with greyish buff, producing a dark crown with a few greyish-buff spots; throat and chin greyish buff, throat with a few blackish-brown spots; chest brownish buff streaked with brownish black ; flanks buff with brown streaks ; rest of under parts buffy white. Above brown streaked with black, upper tail coverts brownish buff, tail darker than in adult; wing coverts tipped with buff.

Three observed south end He a la Crosse Lake, May 24. Their first encountered breeding haunts were found on the Cochrane River about latitude 58°. Country fairly mountainous, and the hillside, which the birds frequented, was bare of tall growth, and bouldered and thickly strewn with dead timber-for at some past date the countryside had been swept by forest-fire. Small spruce and scrub pine, of a height of two feet to six feet, grew here and there, while willows, tamarack, and small spruce grew somewhat more densely along the margin of the river ; thus appeared the breeding haunt of the Harris's Sparrow, Cochrane River, July 26. Observed Du Brochet Lake, August 2 : note that I have not heard this species sing : they have a loud, sharp alarm chirp when disturbed near young. Adult and fledged young observed Du Brochet Lake, August 9. Observed north end Du Brochet Lake, August 10.

Gambel's Sparrow (Zonotrichia Leucophrys Gambelii)

Three specimens : an adult male and a juvenile male, Reindeer Lake, July 16; and a young male, Cochrane River, July 26.

Observed Ile a la Crosse Lake, May 24. Observed Fort Du Brochet, July 14 ; and noted that birds appear to be nesting there. On July 17 noted that this species plentiful in neighbourhood of Fort Du Brochet, but that they had been nowhere seen in their breeding haunts until this post was reached. Observed Cochrane River, July 21, 28. Observed below Du Brochet Lake, July 31.

White-Throated Sparrow (Zonotrichia Albi-Collis)

Observed Big River, May 10 ; Crooked Lake, May 13; inland, on east shore, at north end of Ile a la Crosse Lake, May 30. Noted on June 2 that this species are encountered every day, at that date had entered the Churchill River. Observed below Dead Lake, Churchill River, June 18, and noted that this species had not been seen for some days. Number singing at daybreak at Stanley Mission, June 24. Observed south end Reindeer Lake, July 4 ; and on Reindeer Lake, July 7.