Circulation. Organs of the circulation; heart, pericardium; arteries, capillaries, principal arteries; veins, principal vans; portal system; lymphatic vessels and ganglia.—Mechanism of the circulation; discovery of the circulation, action and sounds of the heart, arterial circulation, pulse, capillary circulation; venous circulation, valves of the veins; discharge of chyle and lymph into the veins. Sanguification; circulation in the pulmonary artery, capillaries, and pulmonary veins. —Influences which accelerate or retard the beating of the heart.


The blood is carried by the arteries from the heart to all the organs, and it returns by the veins from all the organs to the heart. This movement of the blood to and from every portion of the body, from the heart as the point of departure, is called the circulation. The transportation of chyle and lymph by the lymphatic vessels, which are the tributaries and purveyors of the sanguiferous system, is connected also with the circulation.