This portion of the sympathetic rests upon the front of the sacrum, medial to the anterior sacral foramina. The trunks on each side are connected on the anterior surface of the coccyx by the ganglion impar (coccygeal ganglion.) There are four ganglia. The white rami communicantes are absent.


(a) Central. Grey rami communicantes, to the anterior primary divisions of the sacral and coccygeal nerves.

(b) Peripheral. (1) Visceral, to join the pelvic plexuses.

(2) Parietal, distributed over the middle sacral vessels.

Functional Distribution,-

(a) Motor and inhibitory fibres to rectum.

(b) Motor fibres to bladder.

(c) Motor fibres to uterus.

(d) Vaso-dilator fibres of penis.

(e) Secretory fibres of prostate gland.