The deep cardiac plexus lies behind the aortic arch, slightly superior to the bifurcation of the trachea. There are two lateral halves closely connected by numerous cross branches. The right sector comprises (a) the cervical and thoracic branches of the right vagus; (b) twigs from the right recurrent laryngeal and right sympathetic. The left sector is made up of (a) the superior cervical branch of the left vagus; (b) twigs from the left recurrent laryngeal: (c) the middle and inferior cardiac branches from the left sympathetic, and (d) filaments from the superficial cardiac plexus.


(a) From right sector (1) To right coronary plexus.

(2) To left coronary plexus.

(3) To right anterior pulmonary plexus.

(b) From left sector (1) To left coronary plexus.

(2) To left anterior pulmonary plexus.