The anterior tibial runs obliquely forwards, beneath the peroneus longus, extensor longus digitorum, and extensor longus hallucis. Here it descends on the interosseus membrane as far as the ankle-joint, lying first on the lateral side of the anterior tibial vessels, then superficial to them, and lastly, near the ankle-joint, on the lateral side again. It reaches the dorsum of the foot by passing beneath the anterior annular ligament (lig, transversum cruris). On the dorsum of the foot the anterior tibial divides into medial and lateral portions.


(a) Muscular, to the tibialis anticus, the extensor longus digitorum, the extensor longus hallucis, and the peroneus tertius.

(b) Articular, to the ankle-joint.

(c) Medial. This is conveyed along the lateral side of the dorsalis pedis artery to the first interosseous space, where it divides to supply the adjacent aspects of the great and second toes.

(d) Lateral, runs behind the extensor brevis digitorum, beneath which it becomes enlarged. From the enlargement filaments are given off to the extensor brevis digitorum, and the articulations of the tarsus.