The styloid process, with its ligament (pleurapo-physis), extends from the mastoid process (para-pophysis) to the lesser cornua of the os hyoides (haemapophyses). The haemal arch is completed by the body of the os hyoides, or the haemal spine. The great cornua, or the thyro-hyal bones, the last remnant of the branchial arches in fish, extend backwards from the body of the os hyoides, or basi-hyal, and terminate in rounded points, which are connected inferiorly with the great cornua of the thyroid cartilage, by strong, and sometimes partially ossified ligaments: a broad membrane, thyro-hyal, connects the basi-hyal bone with the thyroid cartilage in the notch immediately above the union of the two cartilaginous plates. These parts belong to the splanchno-skeleton.