The spermatic artery on one or both sides may come from the renal: this is more likely to occur on the right side than on the left. Sometimes they arise from the aorta by a common trunk; and Cruveilhier has seen the left one arise from the aorta as low down as the inferior mesenteric.

The spermatic artery may likewise arise from the capsular; or from the external or internal iliac; or from the lumbar, or even from the epigastric.

Varieties Of The Common Iliac Artery

The common iliac artery has been known to give off the middle sacral, also the lateral sacral, and in some cases the ilio-lumbar. We have referred already to cases in which the renal artery arose from it, and to another case, in which the inferior mesenteric artery arose from the left common iliac.

Varieties Of The Umbilical Artery

These arteries have been known to unite, and form a single trunk, and many cases are recorded in which the artery of one side was absent.