True Aneurism Of The Brachial Artery, or that form of the disease which consists in a dilatation of all the coats of the vessel, is extremely rare: Pelletan mentions an example of it in his " Clinique Chirurgicale," which Dupuytren stated was the only authentic case of the kind he knew of*

Aneurism of the Brachial artery depending upon a diseased condition of its coats, is also very rare. Mr. Liston observes, " I have treated but one such case; it occurred in the person of an old ship-carpenter. Whilst at work as usual, he felt something snap in his arm; a pulsating tumor was soon afterwards noticed, and before I was asked to see him by Mr. Cheyne, of Leith, it had attained, during four months, fully the size of a hen's egg, and was evidently in part composed of solid matter. The brachial was tied and every thing went on favorably "