Basal-celled tumors here are comparatively common. Bloodgood has seen fourteen out of a total of fifty-five cases of benign and malignant epithelial tumors. They usually arise about 2 cm. below the eyelids, but may occur elsewhere. Twenty-four of Sequeira's 220 cases had their origin upon the cheeks. When seen early, these tumors should be excised and the scar closed by a linear suture; or, even better, after excision the edges should be cauterized, and later a skin graft done. In extensive cases, either excision or a Sherwell operation may be performed, or the x-ray or radium tried.

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Many of the neoplasms of the cheeks are of the malignant prickle-celled variety, and grow very rapidly. In such cases it is necessary to do a very radical operation, including the removal of the neighboring lymphatics.