Without it as a basis, the love of Loyola for the Virgin could never have been strong enough to carry him forward to his sublime end. Without it, Francis of Assisi could never have conceived that wonderful "Song of the Sun," which represented the hymn of praise, the universal cpithakunium of nature to its Creator:4 and it was in talking to a nun that Savonarola had the unknown vision which made him a prophet and an evangelist;1 not to mention Julie de Kгudener,, whose inspiration produced the Holy Alliance; Mohammed, Constantine, Luther and a thousand others.

The lives of the great saints of the Catholic Church are stories of constant struggles between religious duty and the dynamic mechanism of erotic passion; although it is not often we are treated to so frank an avowal of the latter as is recorded, in the life of St. Theresa, by Sceur Jeanne des Anges; and it is not hard to account on purely sexual grounds for the love and devotion whjch mystics all manifest for Solomon's Song, and the Book of Ruth.