Where sadism, however, is potentiated as cruelty alone, or associated with certain monstrous abnormal tendencies, such as anthropophagy—eating the flesh of the victim, fantastic mutilations, or wallowing in the victim's warm intestines, strange associations of paresthesia and hyperesthesia sexualis sometimes occurring1—it ia proper and rational to suspect one or other form of mental disease; although in the case of Menesclou (Krafft-Ebing, loc. cit., p. 63), characterized by some of the monstrous anomalies alluded to, although post-mortem examination revealed morbid changes in the cerebral frontal lobes, and the second temporal and occipital convolutions, the report of Brouardel, Lasegue and Motet, who examined him as to his mental condition, was affirmative, and the man was executed.

1 17./. Lombroso, Goìdtdammer's Archir.; Mantegaxza, "Fisiologia del piacere," fifth cd.,pp. 304-5; and Lombroso, "Uomo delinquente," p. 201, for instances of these monstrous perversions; the second named author describing the horrible sexual indulgence of certain degenerate Chinese, who committed bestiality with geese and chickens, chopping uff their heads at the moment of ejaculation.

Masochism, the sexual complement of the preceding perversion, on the contrary, presents in almost every case pronounced symptoms of mental incompetency on the part of the subject. The masochist, indeed, lives, almost continuously in an atmosphere of hallucination; his, or her, perverse sexual acts being differentiated into the silliest and most grotesque forms, as the psychopathic instinct is more or less incapable of overcoming the moral or esthetic, principles which oppose its action. Masochism is purely psychic in character; sadism, much more largely physical; and while both are frequently associated with the contrary instinct, the latter is more commonly incomplete in masochism than in sadism. In larvated masochism, a form of perversion in which sexual excitement is brought about sometimes by acts of the most filthy and disgusting nature, such as that recorded by Cantarano (La Psychiatria, v year, p. 207), in which sexual desire was gratified in a man by sucking and biting a woman's unwashed toes, the true perversion is, as indicated by the term, masked by the psychopathic symptoms present. Indeed, all the different degrees of the anomaly may, very properly, be relegated to the realm of sexual psychiatry; the one point to be borne in mind by the jurist being, the importance of distinguishing, carefully, between the subjective or dominating character of the cruelty associated with a given case, with an ultimate view to determining its sadistic or masochistic nature; it being a fairly safe forensical rule that the masochist is as uniformly a Bubject for the care of the physician, as the sadist is for the mercy or punishment of the court.


Fetichism is of little forensical importance, beyond the petty thefts and misdemeanors—hair-stealing, bodily contrectations, etc.—committed in its gratification. The fetiehist is a monstrum per defectum, as the sadist, or masochist, is a monstrum per excessum; and apart from the legal danger from a woman's-foot fetiehist, for instance, voting on a jury for the acquittal of a murderess, through obtaining a sight of her foot; or a hair-fetichist, of her hair, or similarly, in a number of contingencies which might arise; the circumstances under which this weakly constituted class of persons might become socially or legally troublesome, are so exceedingly few as to render unnecessary any extended comment on them in this connection.