Corresponding with the foregoing are the cases which make up this category, the man undergoing transformation into the ■woman, psychically, and the woman into the man. In homosexual intercourse, for of course there can be no other, the man acts the woman's part, and the woman the man's. In the first case, the indulgence takes the form of simple Bitccvbus,1 passive intercourse between the thighs, or ejaculatio viri dUecti in ore proprio.

Sometimes passive masturbation is resorted to; but the commoner method is that of mouth-suction. The female of this class is amazonian, with a love for manly sports, and sometimes a very amazing show of true manly courage and fearlessness. She wears her hair short, and simulates men in the fashion of her clothing. She has pleasure in assuming male dress; and her character ideals are always either male, or those feminine personalities distinguished for great mental and physical energy. She whistles, sings rollicking songs, tells risque stories, and exhibits a man's liking for alcohol and tobacco.

1 The term aticcuhus recalls to us the demon in mythology who was supposed to have the power of assuming a woman's shape in order to consort, sexually, with men. "This is the doctrine of the ineubi and suecubi male and female nocturnal demons which consort sexually with men and women. We may set out with their descriptions among the islanders of the Antilles, where they are the ghosts of the dead, vanishing when clutched; in New Zealand, where ancestral deities form attachments with females, and pay them repeated visits; and in Samoa, where such intercourse caused many supernatural conceptions," etc. Tylor, Prim. Cult., 1873, II, 189-90. The belief that voluptuous dreams were real sexual unions, of this character, was a common teaching of tnedueval medicine as well as of legendary belief.

On the other hand, the true effeminate affects female habits, manners, dress, voice and society; homosexual inversion, however, being common to both. There can be no question of the congenital origin of these two conditions. The depth of the psycho-sexual transformation, together with the actual change observable in even the skeletal form of the subject, in form and features, as well as voice and expression, preclude any possibility of exclusive acquirement.

There are few of us who do not know men remarkable for their womanish characters and physical conformationówide hips, full breasts, round and fleshy limbs, falsetto voices, and sometimes, though not always, absence or paucity of beard; and, on the other hand, women, who in muscular build, narrow hips, mannish walk, rough voices, and general crassness of feature, have little about them suggestive of fenaininity.