These are conditions in which the more or less rudimentary instances of sex transformation, or perhaps more properly, pseudosexual development, just mentioned, are carried forward into still more pronounced types. In androgyny and gynandry the sexual characters are bo radically deflected as to produce an almost complete physical, as well as psychical metamorphosis; and a whole volume might be written on the theme alone. The conditions are perhaps most interesting, from a psychological standpoint, on account of the differences they present, in their phases, from those teratological manifestations of hermaphroditism mentioned elsewhere; but, as their distinguishing traits will appear from time to time b the studies to follow, and as their discussion here would involve a great deal of necessarily tedious psychosexual abstraction, it is perhaps best to dismiss them for the present, with the hazarded assumption that they are purely cerebral anomalies, associated with a high degree of psycho-sexual inversion.