I am aware of the speculative nature of my hypothesis. But this is because homeopathy is in gray area/zone where science and philosophy converge In the light of die recent advances in physical sciences our hypothesis can serve as useful clue for further conceptual and experimental work in this area.

As far as homeopathic remedies are concerned, the clinicians have to realize that just as in some cases there eanbe severe disease as a result of vaccination, similarly there can also be different/unexpected responses to homeopathic remedies Using the same analogy one can easily appreciate that if a stone is too heavy or the ground is too soft, then no crane can shift it! This is precisely the limitation of the homeopathic remedy.

What should be the moral of this discussion? The homeopathic remedy NEED NOT BE GIVEN IN ISOLATION i.e. homeopathic and allopathic remedies NEED NOT be mutually exclusive. To substantiate this I can use the same analogy of stone When die ground is too soft and/ or the stone is too heavy, it is necessary to utilize additional LEVERAGE which allopathy/ ayurveda/ massage/physiotherapy /hathayoga etc may provide.