One of the most important assets of the allopathic or present day medical thinking is its insight into the physico-chemical characteristics of the structures and functions in body. This has made medicine more predictable and precise.

But ironically the result of this is the advent of obsession for a number of generalizations, standardizations, etc This obsession is especially absurd in view of the variable milieu of life This absurdity is due to an aggrandizement of the scope and negligence towards the limitations of one s intellectual premises. Majority of medical men, however, continue to disregard / undermine the variability in living systems and blatantly spread/ advertise/ popularize or sell the myth of simplistic explanations for biological/ physiological phenomena and ready-made formulations as treatments for various ailments irrespective of the variations in the personality This trend of thinking has made the present day medicine in general, less wise, less accommodative and more imposing. This is precisely the reason why there has been hasty and fanatic disapproval or hostility towards others' point of view and suspicion with respect to the successes encountered in the practice of other system/ s of medicine.

It is necessary to transcend the aforesaid approach if I wish to attempt any explanation with respect to the mode of action of the homeopathic remedies.

In order to attempt an explanation for the homeopathic remedy it is also necessary to avoid the error of expecting/ insistently demanding an explanation in terms of physical sciences for ALL the biological phenomena including those related to the drugs or food consumed.

On this premise let us try to understand ho whomeopathic remedies maybe acting.

Characteristics of Homeopathic Remedies which have to be explained by any Hypothesis/Speculation.

Homeo means similar.

The homeopathic philosophy is based on.

1. Simlua Similibds Curenttfr

Which means like cures like Dr. Hahnemann observed that cinchona used for the treatment of fever caused fever when taken by a healthy individual. He experimented with many drugs with multiple symptoms in normal men and women.

These symptom effect complexes Ire referred to as DRUG DISEASES When the drugs Ire used in an individual having similar symptom complex they showed an ability to cure it.

2. Dilution Increases The Potentiation

Hahnemann also discovered that if the drugs Ire serially diluted their efficacy/potency increased with each step and to everyone's surprise the drugs Ire active even in such a dilution when there did not remain even a single molecule of the drug in the solution.

Thus any explanation for the mode of action of homeopathic remedies should EXPLAIN these characteristics also.

My Hypothesis

I consider various ailments/ diseases as being EVENT COMPLEXES.

What is the meaning of tins coined- term EVENT COMPLEXES? I vail try to explain.

Whenever I refer to any phenomenon in general and the disease phenomenon in particular I usually commit an error of linking or delinking and describing ONLY the observable effects. Sometimes apparently unrelated effects are ignored and sometimes seemingly related effects are grouped together. It has to be appreciated that this is incorrect and inadequate comprehension of a phenomena.

A distinct and very important aspect of any phenomenon in general and ailments/ diseases in particular is totally ignored/neglected This distinct and subtler aspect of ailments or diseases is in fact CAUSATIVE in nature.

To understand this more clearly let us take a simple example of existence of a stone The space that occupies a stone is actually part of the existence of the stone The space occupying every atom and even electrons etc. of the stone is also a part of the existence of the stone In absence of this space, there can be NO existence of the stone at all. Apart from the space the tame (TIME SPACE CONTINUUM) that SO TO SAY OCCUPIES the stone is also part of the existence of the stone.

Thus, ailments/diseases can be more completely comprehended; if tempore -spatial aspects of their existence are kept in mind.

I use the term EVENT COMPLEXES to highlight these subtler aspects of the diseases.

If I understand the apparently passive role of tame- space continuum with respect to the existence of matter and/ or processes then it would be possible to appreciate the apparently passive role of time space continuum and its importance as an aspect of the ailments or disease process.

With this understanding, the usual description of ailments or diseases viz description of material/apparent counterpart of diseases becomes contingent and the time space continuum'or the FIELD becomes more important aspect of ailments or diseases.

To comprehend it even more clearly, 1 can take an example of WHIRLWIND/SANDSTORM where the forces or pressure changes are causative or determining aspect of FIELD and the particles of sand moving in the storm are apparent resultant contingent aspect of the whirlwind or sandstorm.

This hitherto unexplained and unarticulated intuitive understanding of diseases is fundamental to homeopathic therapeutics. Since it (disease process) has so far remained an enigma, homeopathic therapeutics remained more or less an enigma, homeopathic therapeutics remained more or less an empirical practice based on experience and observations and at times, mere faith.

The nature of homeopathic remedies can be best described stating that they constitute event complexes where the material/effect/result aspect has assumed a much smaller proportion and causative temporo-spatial aspect has assumed much greater dimension.

Homeopathic remedies are like time space cononua'. Their only physical counterpart is the vehicle in which they are prepared, as the process by which they are prepared is also physically not apparent.

It is precisely due to this characteristic that the principle 3IMILIA SIMHJBUS CITRENTUR is obeyed by homeopathic remedies.

HOMEOPATHIC REMEDY acts as, a kmd of 'specific slot" of time space continuum for the disease which on administration shifts/sucks the disease from its manifest material effects to its temporo-spaaal aspect and thus in a way facilitates its smooth sailing through today. This leads to smooth and quick passage of the disease through body/mind [in short human existence) and material/ physico-chemical manifestations are in a way pulled out of the body. This is thus one of the most brilliant and most meritorious way of averting the course of (and curing) disease Our concept of material and time space aspects of an ailment or disease process and homeopathic remedies can be understood even better if I compare it with the following phenomenon viz movement of two stones X and Y from point A to point B.

Disease is like a stone (X) rolling over from point A to point B The forces involved in disease are similar to those involved in rolling of stone The body/mind/ human existence which sustains the damage is like the ground which is damaged due to the rolling stone.

Homeopathic remedy is like a crane carrying a stone Y carry more stones along with it swiftly from point A to point B without leaving impact on the ground.

The drug disease produced by the homeopathic remedy sets in after beginning of treatment but swiftly overtakes the disease process and guides it through the body smoothly and quickly.

Homeopathic remedy is like a group leader who guides a lazy clumsy and chaotic crowd creating nuisance in the area. The crowd would not follow the leader unless it is in agreement with the leader.

Another beneficial analogy could be that of a bus If the disease is compared to a strandeolbus, then homeopathic remedy is like a squad of traffic assistance police who share the characteristic movement as HI as the route of the bus and facilitate its smooth journey1 Thus the nuisance of bus on road and that of disease on body & mind is removed This conceptual aspect of our hypothesis is different from the one evident in the phenomenon of vaccination induced disease. Vaccination produces a disease in a less virulent form but NEVER CURES an already manifest disease. But if one would like to explore at least some commonality then one would be struck by the fact that vaccination induced disease also, by virtue of being an event complex, though of cruder nature usually passes through the body swiftly with minimal damage to the body. Moreover, though not an already existing, it does avert a '"would be" disease!

If I extend the logic of vaccination then it does point to the fact that with dilution the temporo - spatial aspect increases even further in homeopathic remedies and empowers them to avert even a well established disease.

Dilution Increases The Potentiation

Earlier when I Ire intrigued by the potentiation by dilution. I thought it was the BROWN1AN MOVEMENT which typically increases on dilution that could be responsible for the potentiation on dilution. But this explanation based on BROWNIAN MOVEMENT has its limitations. It cannot have any effect in absence of a molecule in the solution/suspension.

The Brownian Movement

The Brownian Movement however has to be studied with respect to its lasting effect which could be related to the efficacy of the homeopathic remedy.

With respect to Benvemste s controversial contention that there remains a "memory' of the molecule which is far more effective in bringing about cure, it appears that our concept can fruitfully enrich it The memory* per se and in isolation can not have curative influence.

Homeopathy has (intuitively) developed an ingenious approach to the understanding of the disease It is homeopathy which realizes that apparently unrelated symptoms could be apart of the same disease process and pathological changes, so much emphasized and so much obvious, m ay at b est represent only small and peripheral aspect of the disease process The extensive history taking in homeopathy has this ingenuity at its root.

Some more characteristics of homeopathic remedies include:



In some homeopaths'experience that even if the solution dries, still one gets the results, i.e. there is no expiry for the homeopathic medicine.


The fact that THERE IS NO EXPIRY FOR HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES is easily explained, [though tentatively], in the foregoing discussion because the time & space specific to remedies wont expire.

Two more points viz STRONG ODORS INTERFERE WITH THE EFFECT OF THE REMEDY and TRITURATION during dilution MAY LEND THE POTENTIATION to the remedy need further verification Hahnemann's original observations do not refer to such entities.