A lot has been written about holistic medicine But in general. I found that this literature consists of a collection of different systems of medicine Many a time such literature includes descriptions of the feats and claims of different systems of so called alternative systems of medicine. Sometimes they are too tall and exaggerated! The claims and feats include cure of cancer, cure of AIDS and such other things.

Several international, national and regional conferences also have been organized on holistic medicine This is really a healthy development The credit for this goes to many open-minded individuals from different fields. However these conferences of 'holistic medicine" are generally the conglomerations of the practitioners of alternative systems of medicine In these conferences people share their beliefs and convictions But in general they seem to adhere to and promote their own discipline rather than attempting to explore the unity amongst the apparent division [disciplines] of medicine! They do not seem to realize even instinctively that medicine is one!

These conferences have therefore not succeeded in developing course of holistic medicine and establish it in the mainstream medical education and practice.

The students and practitioners of allopathy are rarely if at all, are seen in these conferences. They seem to harbor the feeling that allopathy is the only final truth and last word in medicine They seem to carry a notion that everything other than allopathy is quackery They neglect or ridicule the activities going on in the under the title of 'holistic medicine". The mainstream education of allopathy remains deficient conceptually as well as in terms of modalities of treatment.

The science, art and technique of understanding and healing the life in general and mankind in particular remain largely divided and in discord The innumerable divisions/systems/ disciplines not only lack sufficient dialogue and understanding but there is lack of adequate harmony amongst basic, parachnical, paramedical, nursing, clinical and super specialty fields in allopathy as well.

Thus, at present the field of medicine is divided into allopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda, unani, siddha, magneto-therapy, naturopathy etc. Some times medicine is also categorized as Tibetan medicine, Indian medicine, Chinese medicine, western medicine etc. (This is not quite die same as preclinical, parachnical, paramedical, nursing, specialties, superficialities etc., which are divisions but without conceptual differences. There may be methodological and technical differences but not conceptual This is in contrast to the divisions stated above, in which there are conceptual differences).