Right at the outset. I pray Lord Ganesha to empower me to conceptualise and express the concept of Holistic Medicine correctly and completely. Further I pray that this book be useful for the weUbeing of one and all.

It was way back in 1969 when I was admitted to B. J. Medical College in Pune city in the state of Maharashtra During my student days as 111 as later, I always felt that the allopathy medical course [which is more or less die same today], was cut off from human miseries It did not incorporate the understanding of human life in its totality. It did not incorporate several available solutions to a large number of human ailments It did not incorporate several research efforts in the pursuit of human 111 being Later I found that all the medical courses other that allopathy, also had this deficiency Today, I am glad that I could evolve the concept of well beinp, of one and all i.e. TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT In the course of that work I realized that Medicine is one and the divisions are arbitrary. Further I realized that having understood that medicine is one, the education, research and practice of all arbitrary divisions should be coordinated and 'reunited" In short, the medical course, research and practice should incorporate the study and research of human life in its totality and everything that can facilitate TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT.

All of us whether involved in medical practice or not, have the responsibility, right and privilege to be involved in the study of Holistic Medicine Such study would enable us to participate in development and practice the concept of Holistic Medicine. Such study, development and practice of Holistic Medicine would empower us to transform the sectarian medical courses into holistic ones. All this is essential for TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT.

I thank all my ancestors, my late parents, my in laws, wife Dr Vibha, daughters Urjita and Mukta, my family members, my associates, my colleagues, my friends, my patients, my students and above all, the almighty NARAYANA for enabling me to write this book. I wish you all the best in your efforts towards TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT.

Shriniwas Janardan Kashalikar.