The total nitrogen was determined by the method of Kjeldahl on 9 different lots of appetite gastric juice of Mr. V. The average of all our determinations is 0.60 gm. nitrogen per 100 c.c. appetite juice. The total nitrogen of the hunger juice was not determined. If all the nitrogen is in the form of proteins, and if we accept the figures of Nencki and Sieber, and of Pekelhaaring, namely, that nitrogen constitutes 14.39 Per cent °f the proteins of the gastric juice, the appetite gastric juice of man would contain on the average nearly 0.42 gm. protein per 100 c.c., or practically all the organic solids in the appetite juice.

Rosemann reports nitrogen determinations in 2 lots of dog's appetite gastric juice, finding 0.035 gm. and 0.054 gm. per 100 c.c., respectively. These figures are considerably lower than ours on the appetite juice of Mr. V.