Dr. Luckhardt found that whiskey or strong alcohol introduced directly into the empty stomach of dogs in sufficient amount to induce marked narcosis abolishes the tonus and hunger contractions of the stomach for 24 to 36 hours. During this period the animal refuses, food and may vomit at times. After 36 to 48 hours the hunger contractions gradually return and may at times even approach the condition of incomplete tetanus. The dog shows interest in food, but may eat only a mouthful. Occasional vomiting still continues. Evidently the gastric mucosa continues hypersensitive for a much longer time than the period of motor paralysis of the stomach, so that ingestion of food induces or increases nausea and gastric distress, despite the fact that hunger contractions and hunger sensations are present. In other words, the dog experiences hunger and nausea at the same time. That the dog actually feels the contractions of the empty stomach as hunger seems to be shown by the fact that he walks up to thex food from time to time, sniffs at the food, and may even start to eat a little. At the end of several days, vomiting disappears entirely and the dog resumes normal feeding.

The interesting point in these observations is the recovery of strong gastric hunger contractions a considerable time before the dog starts normal feeding. We think the disinclination to eat, despite moderately strong hunger, is due to nausea induced from the hyperexcitable gastric mucosa. After-effects of alcohol on the brain may also play a r61e.

Tracings From Empty Stomach Of Dog

Fig. 32.-Tracings from empty stomach of dog showing effect of alcoholii gastrilis on the hunger mechanism (Luckhardt). A, gastric hunger contractions o dog before inducing alcoholic gastritis. B, tracing showing atonic stomach of dog 2. hours after excessive administration of alcohol by stomach tube. Dog drinks watc and vomits but refuses food. C and D, moderate gastric hunger contractions of do| 3 and 4 days after the alcoholic debauch. Dog ate a little, and vomited frequently evidently being nauseated and feeling some hunger at the same time. , vigorou hunger contractions 8 days after inducing the gastritis; dog normal and eat in; greedily.