General oedema: albuminuria and pleurisy with latent cancer of the stomach. A man aged fifty-four was admitted into hospital for swelling of the legs. According to his history he had suffered from inflammation of the kidneys five years before, and had since been liable to asthma, headache, and vomiting in the early morning. The appetite remained fair, the bowels were regular, and no pain or discomfort was experienced after meals. The legs, thighs, back, and face were found to be aedematous, and the abdomen was distended with fluid, but neither tumour nor tenderness could be detected. There were signs of chronic bronchitis and of effusion into the right pleural cavity. The urine was much reduced in quantity and contained a large amount of albumin and many fatty and granular casts. Death ensued from uraemia within a few days. A necropsy showed that, in addition to chronic parenchymatous nephritis, almost the whole of the stomach was affected by a cancerous growth, which had contracted the organ and given rise to metastases in the peritoneum and liver.