Phthisis : pleurisy, with effusion and thrombosis of the right common iliac vein, with latent cancer of the stomach. A woman, thirty-seven years of age, was admitted into hospital for severe cough and expectoration of ten months' duration. She stated that during her illness she had lost more than a stone in weight, had become much debilitated, and had had frequent attacks of haemoptysis, but, with the exception of a certain amount of flatulence after meals, had not suffered from symptoms of disordered digestion. Examination showed consolidation of the upper lobe of the right lung, with pleuritic effusion upon the same side. The temperature was elevated at night and subnormal in the morning. Six days after admission she was attacked with pain in the left side of the chest, and a loud friction sound became audible over the base of the lung. A week later she complained of severe pain in the right foot, and this was followed by oedema, coldness, and pallor of the leg and thigh. The patient rapidly lost strength and succumbed at the end of six weeks. A post-mortem examination showed extensive tubercular disease of the right lung, with recent pleurisy at the left base. About one inch from the pylorus, on the posterior wall of the stomach, there was a carcinomatous growth about the size of half a crown, which had given rise to enlargement of the glands above the pancreas and had produced several small metastases in the liver. The right femoral and common iliac veins were occluded by a thrombus.