The rate of application varies with the character and the supply of available manure, the character of the soil and the kinds of crops to be grown. In field trucking with such crops as sweet corn and cabbage the applications often do not exceed 10 tons an acre, while in market gardening the amount varies from 25 to 100 tons an acre. More than 50 tons to the acre is regarded by some as wasteful, or at least not economical. Twenty-five tons is a medium application in market gardening, while many claim that maximum profits cannot be obtained with less than 50 tons an acre applied annually. In the most intensive garden operations manure is often spread to the depth of 3 inches. When supplementing with commercial fertilizers it is possible to succeed with less manure, although the land may suffer in its physical composition. By using commercial fertilizers and a good system of irrigation the grower can unquestionably economize in the amount of manure.