The most important factor to consider in the selection of a location for a general line of trucking or market gardening is the opportunity to dispose of the produce in a satisfactory manner. The large cities, as New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Chicago, consume enormous quantities of vegetables. It is a satisfaction to operate near such large centers of population, knowing that sale may be found for an almost unlimited supply of produce. The prospective gardener should realize, however, that competition is the keenest in these cities and that prices are often very low. It is also true that such markets offer special inducements for the growing of strictly high-grade vegetables. Prices are the most uniform and demands are the most constant in cities ranging in population from 25,000 to 300,000. The smaller cities are not so subject to the ruinous market gluts that occur in the large cities.

It is highly desirable to be near a good market. The grower is thus enabled to keep in close touch with the market and his patrons, and to deliver several loads in a day, at minimum expense and with the least effort. Moreover, the vegetables are perfectly fresh when they arrive, thus increasing the possibility of getting the best prices. When products from different sources are offered at the same time, local growers always have the advantage over shippers.

Many towns and small cities in all parts of the country furnish important outlets for vegetables. The smaller markets are not so discriminating and yet high quality is appreciated and helps to secure remunerative prices.

Summer resort regions require large quantities of fresh vegetables and the prices in such sections are nearly always satisfactory.