There are four methods of supplying retailers. (1) To sell to stores or marketmen; (2) to ship to city retailers; (3) to sell in a wholesale market and (4) to sell at the farm. By selling to retailers it is possible to operate on a large scale, because there is more time for production and more vegetables can be marketed in the time available. The cost of production is much less than when retailing, and the grower can afford to sell for less money.

When driving to local markets it is important to go every day, if possible, and to establish a regular trade with the most extensive retailers. It is also imperative to reach the market early in the morning, in order that the retailers will have ample time to make deliveries for the noon meal. A good wholesale market is the most satisfactory means of supplying retailers, whether merchants or hucksters.

When living too far from the market to drive, a satisfactory shipping business is often built up. Specializing is most profitable when this is attempted. That is, grow one or a few crops of the highest quality and send them to market in such attractive and perfect condition that dealers will consider them indispensable.