Methods Of Selling should also be taken into account. Some systems are greatly superior to others. If supplying a local market, the gardener is saved much annoyance as well as time by placing his wagon at a wholesale market where grocers and hucksters gather daily to secure their supplies. This is much better than driving from store to store to make sales. If delivering at a railroad siding it is a great advantage to be able to sell directly to the buyers representing city houses rather than to make consignments on commission. Selling at the track is becoming a popular method in many parts of the country. To get the benefits of this system, it is necessary, of course, to locate where, there is sufficient production of vegetables to attract buyers.

21. Price Of Land

Price Of Land is a secondary consideration in the selection of a vegetable farm. The interest and taxes on an additional investment of $100 an acre are small matters when the land is near a first-class market and adapted to the line of cropping to be followed, and the expense saved in hauling produce, manure and supplies will soon more than overbalance the additional interest or rental.

22. Labor Supply

If cottages are provided for the workmen it is not necessary to be near the city, although close proximity is always an advantage in securing help. Practically all market gardeners near the large cities depend upon day laborers who live near the farm or who travel to and from their homes by trolley. It has been observed that gardeners living some distance from the cities do not have much trouble in retaining their men.

23. Manure Supply

Intensive gardening requires manure in large amounts and the cities are the only sources of liberal supplies. A great many growers have it shipped, and in some instances it is transported hundreds of miles. For example, a grower on the eastern shore of Maryland gets manure from New York and Philadelphia, costing $2.90 to $3 a ton delivered on the railway siding. Some growers in close proximity to the cities secure manure at nominal charges. When manure is cheap and the haul short it is a simple matter to make the soil very fertile and to grow large crops of the best quality.

24. General Remarks On Selection Of Location

It often occurs that farmers, fruit growers, or poultrymen desire to increase their profits by growing vegetables. Perhaps not one condition is entirely favorable for the enterprise and yet it may be possible for them to enlarge their incomes by devoting part of the farm to gardening. This is doubtless the situation on thousands of farms. Under such conditions a modest start should be made, followed by larger plantings from year to year if returns justify extension.