The Buttonwood or Plane-tree.—Its Extensive Range and Abundant Growth.—Its General Appearance and Elevation.—Its Peculiar Disadvantages.—Description of its Seed and Manner of Sowing.—The Aspen.—Its Numerous Species and Resemblances.—Value of its Wood.—Disagreeable Character of its Seed.—The American Aspen. —Where Found and Limited Height.—Description and Uses of its Wood.—Its Common Characteristics.—Large Aspen.—Its Advantages.—Uses and Properties of its Wood.—Downy-leaved Poplar. —Its Southern Nativity.—Attainable Height and Size.—Peculiarities of its Foliage.—Its Uselessness as Lumber.—The Balsam Poplar.—Where Found and its Uselessness.—The White Poplar.—Its Ornamental Value.—Its other Advantages.—Its Superior Qualities and Chief Uses.—How Propagated and Attainable Height.