The Sugar Maple: its Productiveness, Peculiarities of Growth, Foliage, and Manner of Culture.—A Proposition AVorthy of Note.— Placing Maple-groves with Respect to Shelter.—The Advantages of Regular Planting. — Thrift of Trees when Transplanted from Dense Thickets.—Preferable Transplants.—Timber and Fuel Qualities of Maple.—Its Ornamental Standard.—The Chief Uses of Maple.—Peculiarity of its Seed. —Soil best Adapted to its Growth. — The Soft Maple: its "Wild and Cultivated Thrift, Manner of Planting, and Uses.—The Red Maple : Range of Growth, Native Home and Standard Timber, and other Qualities.—The Ash-leaved Maple: its Uses, Growth, and Ornamental Advantages.— The Striped Maple: "Where Found, Growth, and Ornament.—The Norway Maple: its Advantages. — The Large and Round-leaved Maples generally Described.