Chap. -275 Laws 1901. Sec. 1. The burgess and council of any borough upon petition of a majority of the property owners on any public street may by ordinance require the planting of shade trees, and on failure of the owners, after notice, to plant, may cause the planting to be done and collect the same from the adjoining property owners.

Chap. 306, Laws 1901. Sec. 1. Any person liable to road tax who shall transplant to side of road on his own premises any fruit, shade or forest trees of suitable size shall be allowed on road tax one dollar for every two trees set out. NO row of elms to be placed nearer apart than seventy feet; and no row of maples or other forest trees nearer than fitly feet, except locust ami Carolina poplar, which may be thirty feet, and except fruit trees may be set forty feet; and all must be living and protected from animals.

Sec. 2. Any tree growing naturally by side of highways through cultivated land shall be allowed in same manner.

Sec. 3. Trees planted on highway in place of trees that have died shall be allowed for as provided in Inst section.

Sec. 4. No person to be allowed more than quarter ol his annual road tax.

Sec. 5. Any person who cuts or injures any live tree planted or growing naturally as aforesaid, or suffers an animal of his to injure such a tree, shall pay a penalty of from one dollar to five dollars, or he may plant and maintain .mother tree in place of the one cut or injured.