Chap. 285, Laws 1893. Sec. 1. Provides that there may be appointed in all municipalities a Commission of three freeholders without compensation, who shall have control and power to plant and care for shade trees on any of the public high ways.

Sec. 3. Notice must be given when planting is contemplated, specifying streets, etc., and must be published in papers.

Sec. 4. The cost of planting, including guards around the trees, to be borne by the adjoining real estate. The same is a lien thereon and may be collected with the taxes.

Sec. 5. Cost of maintenance after planting is to be borne by municipality.

Chap. 162, Laws [896. Sec. 1. Makes it unlawful to hitch or tie animals to trees adjoining any highway. Animals must not be left unattended, near any such tree.

Sec. 2. Provides for penalties.